Angela Go

Co-Founder at The Ultimate Pitch and Koretrust

Angela Go is Co-Founder at The Ultimate Pitch and Koretrust, Fortune 500 Executive Coach & Trainer and Award-Winning Public Speaker. She was a founding member of Nestlé’s successful start-up incubator that Gartner Research named as ‘a prime example of corporate innovation’, where she drove intrapreneurship from the bottom-up, merging corporate and start-up culture.

Her companies offer specialized services and training programs to help companies and professionals prepare for and thrive in the New Economy – a world where digital, transformational technologies and a hyper-connected world are radically changing the way we live, work and do business.

Besides the work done through her companies, she has also inspired thousands of people around the world through her media appearances and public speeches at prominent business events, where she spoke alongside prime ministers, celebrities and tech-leaders. Her unconventional thinking, high energy, and no-nonsense approach make every encounter an unforgettable experience.


The title and a brief description of his keynote speech

New Game, New Rules: Play Or Die

The advance of digital, transformational technologies has created a completely new game for business, no matter what size of the company. The new rules of the game are ruthless: play badly (or don’t play at all), and you’ll face severe consequences. Play well, and unparalleled rewards and opportunities await you. Some companies stubbornly look away and hope for the best. Other companies have bravely but hesitatingly started to play. What are the new rules and how to maximize the chances of playing well – while also enjoying the game?