Thomas Zimmermann

Director Business unit Beverage at BSH Home Appliances Group

Mr. Thomas Zimmermann is leading the worldwide operations for the category of fully automated espresso machines in the BSH group. As Director Operations he is located in the BSH lead factory in Nazarje, Slovenia. With his team of 500 employees he is responsible for more than 10% of the group profit and worldwide deliveries.

The title and a brief description of his keynote speech

Factory 4.0

In a highly consumer oriented business, fast changing markets and more and more unpredictable business perspectives, factories of today need to find ways to stay competitive in the future. How can factories ensure the profitability of tomorrow? How does i4.0 and the Internet of things change the game? What will happen, if you miss trends? Is your business undisruptive? Let’s talk about this questions on the Future 4.0 congress and let’s have a look to the factory 4.0.