Tine Tomažič

CEO at Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o.

Tine Tomažič was born 1983 and received his B.Sc and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2007 and 2014 respectively. A pilot since the age of 15, instructor since age 19 and test pilot since age 22,

Tomazic has participated in the development of eight electric aircraft. Tomazic is a deep believer in electric flight and has dedicated his Ph.D Thesis, titled “Development of control strategies and systems to optimize flying with hybrid-powered aeroplanes” to research technologies to identify the future of electric flight, including distributed electric propulsion architectures, powertrain modeling, flight mission optimization.
As a member of Pipistrel’s R&D team, Tomazic is responsible for the areas of electric flight- and electric-systems since 2007 and is an appointed EASA Compliance Verification Engineer for Electric Powertrains, Systems and Flight Test under EASA DO 21J.524.

Tomazic has been appointed as the Director of Research and Development at Pipistrel as of 2015.